Early morning volunteering

Hey guys!  Hope you had a great weekend!  Let’s recap on mine…

Typically on Friday nights I don’t like to cook.  This friday night in particular called for ordering in veggie lover’s pizza and a movie on the couch!

On Saturday morning, i got up at 3 a.m. to go volunteer for Lawyers Have Heart 10K as part of the set up crew and water station crew.  LHH benefits the American Heart Association and is a great organization which has raised more than $7.5 million since it began in 1991.  I thought about running this race, but then told myself I had no desire to run anything more than a 5K in the hot, humid DC summers.  Plus, after running the Pittsburgh Half-Marathon (which was organized SO very well!), I really had a lot of respect for the volunteers and wanted to help out, too!

Saturday morning breakfast consisted of toast with peanut butter and an iced coffee.  I really wasn’t hungry at all, so I only forced down one of the pieces of toast.

I was only supposed to volunteer until about 6:45 but I guess they were short on people because they asked me to stay and do water station as well.  And, it was so hot that the city asked LHH to drop the 10K to a 5K!  Being that the race was cut in half, so were the water stations, so in the end they probably had more volunteers than needed.  If only I had known, I would have signed up to run!  I’m glad I volunteered but I couldn’t help but feel jealous of those running.

After the race, we hung around Georgetown a little bit, having lunch at Chadwick’s, where I had the crab cake sandwich with sweet potato fries.

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