Green tea in my tummy!

Hey guys!  Hope you’re evening is going well 🙂

My evening eats didn’t include much.  My tummy has been upset today and either it’s a bug that’s going around (a colleague was not feeling well today either) or this seems to be the culprit…

At least it tasted good while drinking it 😉

No workout tonight either, just relaxing and drinking a cup of my new-found favorite tea.  I knew the virtue of green tea but had never found one that I liked until this!

Green tea never had enough flavor for me, but this is minty, too.  I love drinking a hot cup before bed.  It just feels like a relaxing, calming tea.  Available at a Target near you! 🙂

And if you didn’t know, here and here are some of the reasons to drink green tea.  Oh, and a few more.  So, green tea is good for you and this one is my favorite!

Sweet dreams everyone!

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