Special spaghetti

Hey guys!  I’m back again!  Gotta stop this poppin’ in and out thing!  So, a couple things for you… let’s start with recent eats:

Fage 2% blueberry with a sprinkling of TJ’s granola for breakfast Wednesday morning – i love this combo!

Lunch was this combo of slightly spicy and hot Madras Lentils finished with a nice, cool Nectarine.

Love the simple ingredient list!

When I got home, I was starving and the boyfriend offered to make me dinner (this never happens!).  I told him I wanted pasta and this is what he came up with!  While it might look like a simple pasta with marinara dish, it’s much more than that!  Now, I totally admit that I am a control freak, including in the kitchen.  I like to know what goes into my food and how it is made, so I don’t do well with just sitting back and being a guinea pig for testing out new recipes.  When I saw him squirt barbeque sauce into the marinara, I won’t lie… I turned up my nose.  Thank goodness I was out of the kitchen when he spooned greek yogurt into the mix.  But, it ended up tasting really good and I told him he could make me dinner again!

Exercise has been running each morning.  I am trying to get into a morning exercise ritual so that I have NO excuses for lack of time in the evening, being tired, etc. and on that note, here’s a list that can help you “arm yourself against exercise excuses.”

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