“I get to eat this?!”

Hi guys!  Hope your Friday afternoon is going well 🙂  I am gearing up for a trip so I’ll make this quick!

Snack yesterday afternoon – granny smith apple with a healthy scoop of TJ’s peanut butter with roasted flaxseeds.  Peanut butter is one of those things that, while eating, you think, ‘I’m eating healthy and i STILL get to eat peanut butter?  Winning!’  Sooo good!

I was in a rush to get myself packed, so dinner was the salad bar from Whole Foods, including spinach, broccoli, sunflower seeds, peas, peppers, and other veggies I can’t remember right now.  On the side, I had a few bites of their Caesar salad pasta, too.

Early breakfast this am was Cherry Fage 2% with a sprinkling of TJ’s granola and a morningstar sausage patty.  Trying to get more protein, less carbs (my weakness) in!

I think I’m taking today as a rest day since I was up earlier this morning than usual, packing and doing last minute laundry.  The hotel we are staying in this weekend does have a fitness center, so I’m hoping to run both Saturday and Sunday.

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