Negativity over healthy eating?

Hi guys!  Breakfast this a.m. was a good old standby…

Blueberry Fage 2% greek yogurt!

Lunch was good (but non-photographed).  I grabbed a to-go container of a Cajun pasta from Dean & Deluca, but when I went to eat (and photograph), the 80-year old founder of my office was in the lunch room with me… so I really didn’t want to give him a reason to question why I was photographing my food.

And now, and interesting question for you… Have you ever been in a situation where someone made a comment that made you feel bad about your healthy eating habits?  Today, one of my coworkers was discussing his love for the “Big Gulp” at 7-11.  I’ve never had one of these, but I gathered that it was soda over ice (correct me if I’m wrong!).  He went on about how good they were, and how I could even get 2 for the price of the more natural raspberry lemonade that I was drinking, but then added that I “wouldn’t do that though.”

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One Response to Negativity over healthy eating?

  1. I always try to remind myself that when people make comments like that they are usually either a) insecure about their own choice and trying to validate it or b) uninformed about healthier options. I just do what I do and will share about it if asked. It’s hard though!

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