Fakin Bacon

Good morning!  Or rather, good afternoon now!  I’ve been trying to get some things done at the office so I can head out early!

Breakfast was a little different today.  I’m trying to clean out my cupboards and freezer in particular so I took a glance to see what I could polish off today.

I had one Van’s Cinnamon French Toast and a few slices of the Morningstar Veggie Bacon.  I usually fly right out the door in the morning, so I microwaved the bacon instead of frying.  Does anyone fry theirs?  I wonder if that makes a big taste difference because I didn’t really like it microwaved.  It’s obviously heavily processed and there is a very smoky taste to it.  I probably won’t buy another box of these but will try finishing up the rest of them on the stove to see if there is any taste improvement.

Once I got into the office and did a bit of work, I started feeling snacky.  I wanted fruit since I didn’t have any with breakfast.

Grapes to the rescue!  Now, back to work!

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