Vineyard visiting!

Hey guys!  Happy late, late Saturday night!  Hope your weekend is going as well as mine 🙂

Today started out lovely… got up and did the 30 day shred and some ab work and then had this yogurt bowl for breakfast…

It was a strawberry-banana Chobani greek yogurt, 1/4 cup oats, a tablespoon of TJ’s peanut butter with flaxseed, and half a nectarine.  Sounds like a really weird combo, but it was good!

I had plans to visit several local Virginia wineries with one of my best friends.  We visited four wineries this afternoon, including Fabbioli Cellars, Lost Creek Winery, Hidden Brook Winery, and Tarara Winery.

Today was the perfect day for wine tasting and my friend was really thoughtful (and a pro wine taster 😉 ) and packed crackers, various cheeses, and hummus for us to munch on while tasting.

Our favorite vineyard, Fabbioli, put out this excellent spread along with the tasting.  They paired their wines perfectly with crostini with goat cheese, olives, salami, cheese, stone ground mustard, crackers, and chocolate.  If you ever have a chance to stop by Leesburg, VA, this winery is highly recommended!

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4 Responses to Vineyard visiting!

  1. I have a winery date planned with my sister in the fall and I cannot wait!!!! Visiting wineries sounds so fun. Glad you’re having a great weekend so far. 🙂

  2. Beth says:

    This sounds like such a fun day of tasting! If you can believe it, I’ve NEVER been to a winery before to taste wine, even though I love it so!

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