Eats in pictures… and a few words.

Hey guys!  Long time, no see… or post, I guess? from me, huh?  Getting into blogging a couple times a day is proving to be a challenge for me so I’m working to improve on that.  After all, if my goal is to monitor my intake of food, then I need to actually be posting it, right?

So here are some eats from the past few days..

Unfortunately, this didn’t get the chance to be an eat.  Normally I pour the whey (that runny liquid on top) off the yogurt.  I know it’s protein packed and I should just stir it in, but it just weirds me out… anyways, I went to pour it off, and my whole yogurt fell into the trash!  Guess I learned my lesson on that one! 😉

Busy, busy day at work calls for Subway for lunch.  It is both and a blessing and a curse to have so many convenient restaurants around the office.  On this one, I tried the avocado for the first time.  Two things to consider before you try it:  1) It’s not free – here it’s $.75 on a 6 inch and $1.50 on a footlong (when I was home in PA I noticed it was cheaper, $.50/$1, I think) but they do give you a lot and 2) it’s not slices of fresh avocado like I imagined – it’s prepackaged and mushed up like guacamole, minus the other ingredients.

Yesterday, I treated myself to sushi from Dean & Deluca for lunch.  I went in to pick up a cup of soup, but tried a sample of this and decided to get it instead!  It was a simple roll with salmon and avocado inside, and then that topping is wood-fired salmon!  Very filling too… I ate 4 pieces and then polished off this…

With some peanut butter on the side, of course 🙂

This morning I had a blueberry Fage yogurt in bed 🙂  Normally I buy the 2% – I didn’t even know the non-fat version existed in blueberry so when I found it I knew I wanted to try it.  I actually like it better!  It seemed much more thick and creamy!  Hopefully I wasn’t just deceived by this one cup.

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