Review: Food, Wine & Co.

Happy Saturday!  I hope you’re outside enjoying the nice weather.  Unfortunately, I’m inside doing a major clean-out of my apartment.  I was debating whether to move this year and, while it’s currently looking like a no, I figured this is a good time to get rid of a lot.  But, let me share an amazing dinner that I had last night with you.

BF and I went to see a movie – Transformers 3 and when it was over, I was starving!  We decided to go to Food, Wine & Co in Bethesda.  I’d been there twice before and really enjoyed the food so it was an easy choice.

We decided to split the wedge salad as an appetizer.  It was SO delicious that I think the bf gobbled it down before I could get more than 2 bites.

For my meal, I decided on the roasted mushroom, pancetta and mozzerella flatbread.  Our waiter said it was one of the more popular dishes.  This was for sure one of the best pizzas that I have ever had.  I had a glass of reisling on the side which was sweet, but paired very nicely with this salty dish.  It was very filling, too – even after giving the bf a slice I still brought a couple slices home even though it’s billed more as a personal pizza size.

My date ordered the roast chicken with asparagus.  He liked it but wasn’t wowed really – he said “Chicken’s chicken,” but he is much more of a steak guy, so I’m not surprised.

Overall, I really enjoyed this restaurant and would definitely recommend it.  It’s not fancy and isn’t overly expensive, but the food is top-notch. I couldn’t have asked for better service either.

This mornings breakfast was a cup of Fage blueberry greek yogurt, of which I didn’t snap a pic.

Off to organize some more!

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