Healthy Living Weaknesses

It turns out the solution to my starvin’ marvin issue was a scoop of peanut butter and a cheddar cheese stick from TJ’s.  Also, I don’t think I’ve had enough water today so I’ve been drinking it up!

To be honest, when I found myself feeling hungry even after lunch, I thought about running out to a nearby bakery to get a cookie.  What stopped me was knowing that my body didn’t really want a cookie – there was no nutrition value.  I also didn’t want to negate a workout with a cookie that was just okay.  Oh, and the fact that their cookies cost $3-4 didn’t hurt the cause either. 😉

As long as I don’t get to that stage of being so hungry, I’m finding myself able to make better decisions.  But, if I don’t plan ahead with some good alternatives, I’m bound to find myself at that breaking point often.

My other diet pitfalls include eating late at night and eating too many carbs.  Believe me, I’m not of the opinion that if you eat a salad at 10 P.M. because that’s when you get home then you’re destined for a life of obesity, but I’m talking about the mindless grazing that occurs even after we’ve had dinner and aren’t even hungry, but just want something to snack on while watching tv or facebook surfing.  That type of snack is rarely healthy for most Americans.

As for my carb situation, too often it became a substitute when I was trying to avoid meat.  Unfortunately, most restaurants do not serve tofu, tempeh, seitan, or other meatless sources of protein.  When I went vegetarian as a young girl (we’re talking like 8ish years old), I didn’t learn about these options and I probably didn’t know what a protein even was.  So, I just ate whatever my family was having minus the meat and didn’t bother to find alternative options.

So, those are the main things that I’m trying to work on!  What are your weaknesses?

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2 Responses to Healthy Living Weaknesses

  1. I’ve been really hungry the last few days, and doing mindless snacking. Then I get angry at myself. What helps is having food and snacks prepared at all times, so that I can reach for the healthy stuff instead of the carbs/sweets/junk. My weaknesses are sweet things, especially if they are chocolatey, and bread and butter.

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