Lunch and liar-exics?

I finally ate lunch at close to 3 p.m. today!  I normally eat late, but today I just wasn’t feeling hungry.  Nevertheless, this is what I fixed on my plate:

It included an Evol burrito bowl, TJ’s mediterrean hummus and a few carrots.  I ended up being too full to eat all those carrots, so expect to see them on the blog again tomorrow 😉

So, I recently read an article that I thought we could discuss entitled:  Eating disorders:  Why Do Women Always Fib About How Much They Eat?

Personally, I think this article is basically BS – if you eat too much, you have an eating disorder; if you eat too little, again – eating disorder; and now?  If you order a large meal but then balance it out with something smaller earlier or later on, that’s now an eating disorder, too.  At the heart of the article is an issue that may exist for a few Americans, but essentially we have a country that it majorly overweight and calls a few skinny Americans liar-exics.  I’m rolling my eyes at this one but what’s your opinion?

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4 Responses to Lunch and liar-exics?

  1. Great article! I might think of a way to share this on my blog! I’m rolling my eyes too..what’s wrong with eating a lot when out with others and then eating what I think is normal at other times? It shouldn’t be an eating disorder to treat yourself when you go out to eat!

    • Feel free to share it! I agree… for example, I don’t like to keep ice cream at my house but will have it as a treat when I’m out sometimes, does that make me liar-exic?

  2. Definitely not! I say I like chocolate, ice cream and cupcakes and I’ll occasionally treat myself (more than occasional on the chocolate), but that doesn’t mean I have to pig out on it every day lol

    • Right, we can’t be having that stuff every day! I feel like the article just took a girl eating in moderation and blew it out of proportion. I’m sure this disorder does exist for some people, but it is not a major epidemic!

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