Cost of fitness

Hey guys!  I spent yesterday hobbling around, just so sore from the spinning class I took the day before, so I gave myself a rest day today and slept in.  Then, breakfast was a lemon Chobani greek yogurt…

Or was it…

I added a few frozen organic raspberries into the mix – this is a really good combo!  The lemon chobani would otherwise be too tart for me.

I’ve been checking out my gym’s various locations online schedules all morning and just trying to figure out some sort of weekly schedule.  Unfortunately, all of the evening spinning classes begin at times that I likely can’t make it to, but there are a few in the morning that should work out, provided I can drag my butt out of bed before the sun comes up.  I’m hoping to fit that into my schedule 1-2x/week and also do a bikram yoga class at least 1-2x/month.  I would like to do more bikram but the classes are so pricey here.  I do really feel that Bikram helps though, so I can’t totally nix it.  I already feel like my gym membership is expensive, so I want to incorporate more of their (free!) group classes into my routine.

Lunch was Subway’s Veggie Patty with lettuce, cucumber, onion, olives, green pepper, and a squirt of ranch dressing.

If you happen to live around the Washington, DC area, here is a great LivingSocial deal on Bikram in Fairfax.  20 classes for only $30!  I definitely bought mine!

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