Feeling a little crabby!

Good evening 🙂  I hope everyone enjoyed this beautiful Saturday and have an equally beautiful Sunday!

This a.m. I got up early and headed to my gym’s spinning class (which is my 2nd).  This class was busier, but the instructor’s music just didn’t motivate me like the previous class.  It was mostly slower songs that I had never heard – music is definitely key!  After the one hour spin class was over, I ran on the treadmill for 20 minutes and then did some work on the hip abduction machines and finished off with crunches.  I really loved having completed a workout early before my day really got started!

Before heading off to spin, I munched on this Larabar in the car

Breakfast after class consisted of a pineapple chobani with a handful of granola mixed in:

After that, we headed off to St. Michaels, Maryland for one of my bf’s previous coworkers birthday party.  They go “picking crabs” at the Crab Claw restaurant there every year and we have been fortunate to be invited a few times.  St. Michaels is such a beautiful, small town on the Eastern Shore and I highly recommend it.

Beautiful, right?

Lunch/Dinner consisted of 2-3 crabs, a few hushpuppies, and more than a few glasses of this stuff

We walked through the town and got ice cream at Justine’s and then headed to a Saloon where I snagged some sauteed veggies that were brought out.  An excellent day!  Goodnight 🙂

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