A welcome back for me!

Hello to everyone and anyone reading this!  🙂  It’s been a bit since I’ve updated… I sorta started feeling a little unmotivated actually.  I started this blog because I was super excited about the Healthy Living Summit (and I still am!) but then as things became quiet on that front I lost a little bit of motivation to write.

It also didn’t help that I had been running every day, as well as attending spinning classes and doing more lifting that I’ve ever done before.  I started feeling pain in my left leg, from my knee to my hip.  This area hurt a little bit after I ran the Pittsburgh Half Marathon, but within a week or so of taking it easy, the pain went away.  I think I was overdoing the running/lifting/spinning and it brought back the pain full force and then some.  Although I love spinning and running, I’d be limping the day after.  I didn’t cut back on the workouts immediately – I thought since I was just doing more than ever, it was natural for me to have some pain.  But, after two weeks of this, I completely quit working out and the pain went away.  After a few days, I tried running again and the pain in my hip came back like it had never gone away.  So, unfortunately it’s been about two weeks since I have ran at all.  This week, I plan to try a very short jog, a mile or two, and see if I still have pain.  If I do, I think it will be time to see a doctor.

Running has (at least lately) been my favorite way to exercise, so this has made me pretty sad.  However, I’ve found a new exercise that I’m trying out and so far, no hip pain!  I’m actually doing the Insanity workout and it is rough!  I’m surprised that I’ve had no hip pain so far because it does feature jogging in place and TONS of jumping.  I was cautious to try this workout – I don’t love workout videos and, in my experience, Beachbody coaches are extremely pushy – but a girl I know did it and really toned up and lost 15lbs.  Not wanting to invest $100 in it, I bought a copy off Craigslist and started last week.  I don’t want to do a full review of it until I’m done, but I will say that I’m getting my booty kicked so far.

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3 Responses to A welcome back for me!

  1. AmySGTC says:

    Pain in your leg sounds like it may be from IT band problems–have you tried foam rolling? I started to roll before and after running and my pain has completely gone away! 🙂

  2. Glad Insanity isn’t causing you any pain! For some reason, it isn’t for me either..I’m surprised! Would love to hear about your results and progress with the workout. 🙂

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