Healthy Living Summit III

After all the Saturday panels were over, my two roommates for the weekend and I headed back to our room to just chill for a bit.  We weren’t sure of anyone else’s plans for the evening, but we were starving!  We ended up at a restaurant called The Corner and were pleased to discover that they had a rooftop deck and a $4 glass of wine special!  The wine was actually really good, but the food wasn’t.
I ordered the Homemade Tagliatelle with shrimp.  They didn’t have many veggie options, and I’m a pasta lover, but this tasted like plain (dry) pasta with a few shrimpies tossed onto the plate.

But, after dinner we walked around and found yogurt at Yogurt City, which more than made up for the sub-par dinner.  Normally, when I get yogurt I just get the plain tart stuff, but for the first time ever, I saw this life-changing flavor of yogurt…

What?!  Peanut butter yogurt?!  I might permanently move to Philly just for this.  No photo because I wolfed it down too quickly, but it was definitely amazing.

Not long after we got back to the room, Caitlin called us and we headed out for some dancing!  We had a great time singing along and dancing for hours.

Ladies nights are always the best, right?

Getting up on Sunday a.m. for the 5k was rough, but I wanted to take advantage of all of the time I had left with the HLS group.

The run turned into much more of a walk and photosession.

After the 5k, it was time for breakfast sponsored by Quaker – featuring the creamiest oats I’ve ever had!  Soon after, it was time to head home and this time, I decided the train was the way to go – no more megabus messes!

HLS was a great time and certainly inspiring.  I would recommend it to anyone!  I’m so happy that I went and can’t wait until next year!

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