Growing means taking risks

So true, right?  I know it isn’t that much of a risk, but today for lunch I tried something new.

I’ve been wanting to cut down on carbs (not Atkins style, but just cutting out those I don’t necessarily love) and up my protein.  Given the choice, I’d easily eat meals full of my starchy friends for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all snacks inbetween, too.  This brings us to Tofurky.  The idea grossed me out, but my sis told me it wasn’t so bad.

Sandwich with peppered tofurky, tomato from my moms garden, cheddar cheese and dijon mustard.  Well, it wasn’t so good either.  I took a few bites and then gave up.  I know a lot of food bloggers eat foods they don’t like, but I’ll be the first to admit that I’m picky and if I don’t like something and have the option of getting something different, I take it.

Greek yogurt is never a bad choice!

Yesterday, I was at the gym doing a 3.0 mile run when I noticed the older gentleman on the bike in front of me was wearing jeans.  This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this (or the weirdest apparel I’ve seen… ) but I immediately started chuckling to myself thinking how ridiculous it was.  Then, I realized how awesome it was!  I’ve forgotten gym clothes many times and used it as an excuse not to exercise, but this man didn’t!  It actually ended up being somewhat inspiring – imagine that 🙂

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