Lunchbox lunch

Hello friends!  I’m going to make this short since I’m feeling pretty sleepy.  Today’s lunch was a mixture of foods that I had in the fridge and at my office desk.

Peanut butter and smashed banana sandwich, an apple, and a string cheese!  I felt like I was back in school and as if my mom had packed my lunch.  An oldie but goodie!

I worked late tonight – till 8, getting a project done with my boss and once I got home I was tired and hungry.  I wanted something simple that I could make on autopilot, but also something that held true to my goal of not eating carbs all day long.

I thought about not eating dinner at all and just hopping into bed but in the end scrambled eggs with onion, green pepper, and my mom’s homegrown tomato won.  On the side, a sweet slice of cantelope.  It was super simple and tasty!

Ok, off to read a little bit and then sleepy time!  Goodnight 🙂

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