Weekend Wrap Up

Hi guys!  It’s been awhile, huh?  I’ve been meaning to bring this blog back to life.  I would love to have it just for myself, personally, to be able to look back upon.  So, without further ado… here’s my post.

Friday began with a hectic work day.  At lunch, a coworker and I slipped out to grab what we thought would be a quick lunch at Pinstripes, which just opened near our office.  It ended up being nearly two hours, by no fault of our own.  The good news is that the manager recognized the issues and our lunch was on them.  The food was good and the space looks really nice, so I would definitely return, just probably not when short on time.  Friday evening, I headed to the mall with E, who needed to go suit shopping.  Then, after a few episodes of House of Cards, we were off to bed at a reasonable hour because…

Saturday morning began with a 6am wake up call for me.  I’m partnering with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to raise money through Team in Training, and we had an 8 mile, very hilly run on the docket.  It was 25 degrees out and I very seriously debated not going while laying in my warm bed, but I knew I would regret it if I didn’t go.  I had a busy week and didn’t run at all during the week, plus I wanted to get to know more of the others doing TNT this season.

Go hills or go home!The 8 miles went by pretty quickly and I haven’t felt sore at all since doing them, which is a really good sign.  It’s the longest I have ran since last years half marathon (which was nearly 10 months ago). Looking forward to next weeks 10-miler!

After showering, we headed out to Silver Diner.  I was craving the coconut quinoa pancakes!  So good!  From there, we headed to Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack and Costco.  I didn’t get to look around Nordstrom Rack as much as I wanted to, but I was able to find these!

Brooks and RaybansBrooks Pure Flow and RayBans!  I had been wanting new sneakers for awhile.  I’m not sure if I’ll keep the sunnies yet – still thinking about it.

Sunday was a busier day with a bunch of errands.  I woke up and had to finish organizing stuff that was to be dropped off at the Junior League Tossed and Found sale later that afternoon.  Then, I had a nail appointment in Alexandria, dropped off the JLW Tossed and Found things in Arlington, and picked up a few grocery items and prescription before heading home to drop it off.  I had to pick up my Jrink juices later on in the evening (more on that later).

We had a snow day today (and I’m really hoping for one tomorrow!) as the federal government was closed and, though I work for a private firm, we follow their schedule.

capital hill snow dayThis has meant doing a lot of tasks that have been on my to-do list forever!  I’ve made good use of the day – doing some LLS fundraising, cleaning my inbox of 300 emails, cleaning, laundry, etc.  I didn’t really spend a lot of time at home Saturday/Sunday, so I’m thankful for the extra day!


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