That time I had a tough run

It’s so funny how you never know how a run is going to turn out.  The morning of last weeks 8 miler with my TNT group, I literally turned my alarm off and talked myself out of going.  After a minute or two of tossing and turning, I decided to just go and do it.  Then, the run went amazingly well!  I ran 8 hilly miles on the Custis trail and felt I could have done another mile or two more.  I wasn’t sore at all after.

This week, I hoped out of bed and drove myself to the meeting spot.  We were doing a 10 mile run that had a few small rolling hills, but nothing big.  I found myself running with a group of girls at a 10’44” pace, which they admitted was fast for them (and me too!) so we slowed down a bit.  I didn’t have my garmin on and was struggling from the beginning.  I didn’t know how far we had gone and, since half the group was doing 6 and the other half was to do 10, well, when we came to 6, I thought I was done, too!  Those 6 miles felt so long that it felt like 10.  At that point, I told myself if I just did 8 (same as last week), I could quit.  At that point, I was doing a good bit of walking too, and I went for the 10.  After, I came home freezing and just wanted to go to sleep.  E made me get showered and eat something.  Silver diner coconut quinoa pancakes to the rescue!

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