Busy bee…

I didn’t mean to have a whole week go by without writing again, but this past week was a pretty busy one.  In addition to a crazy week at work, I had something to do after work every evening last week.  Tuesday was JLW Langley Literacy Club and a meeting about our spring event afterwards, Wednesday evening I met with my JL Capitol Hill book club – we went to Sona Creamery & Wine Bar, which is a nice spot on the Hill and very cute!  Plus, they have Happy Hour until 8 which means, with my schedule, it’s one I could actually attend.  It was great catching up with those ladies.  Thursday evening, my friend Ellena’s husband, Carl, threw her a belated birthday party and we all met up at Maggiano’s in Tyson’s Corner (very pleasantly surprised with this restaurant too – I had discounted it as chain restaurant Italian).  I actually had not be able to see her since her wedding last summer(!!) so we spent a while catching up and I didn’t make it home until close to Midnight that evening. 

When Friday finally came around, I was looking forward to a relatively empty weekend in which I could cross of most of my to-do list.  E had different ideas and invited some of our college friends to come over.  We met up at District Chophouse in Chinatown since the three of them were coming from a Caps hockey game.  I had a chicken salad and was pretty underwhelmed by it.  Our friends stayed the night since they were both actually running the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in the morning and they live outside the city.  Saturday afternoon we all went to see the Harlem Globetrotters at the Verizon Center with complimentary suite tickets (definitely the way to go!).  I loved being in the suite because there were tons of fresh veggie platters, vegetarian sandwiches, etc. that I wouldn’t have had access to in the stands.  The Globetrotters were cool to see – I actually had no idea what they were about prior to going, so it was a new adventure.  It was an afternoon game and afterwards we were able to run a few errands, etc. the rest of the evening.  Sunday was finally a free day and I was able to cross a lot off that to-do list, which relieved so much of my anxiety. 

Today ended up being a snow day and, while I had to telework for an 8+ hour day today, it was still great to just be able to stay home in sweatpants all day.  I’m such an introvert and just need my “me” time. 


Well, maybe not that much, Audrey, but I definitely like a couple hours of not having any commitments each weekend. 

This upcoming week is looking pretty busy too, but I am going on a trip next weekend so at least I can see the light at the end of the tunnel as far as having a few days off from work!  Looking forward to getting away, even if it certainly isn’t to a tropical location.

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